Monday, April 5, 2021

Hut building: Technology and maths in Play

     The hut  

The children arrived in the morning to discover this hut provocation. There was enthusiastic exploration!

 'Where is the door?'                  'How do you get in?'  

'It's too small to be a maze.'          'Watch me, I go in there and I come out here'   

 'I am going on top'

           'I am going underneath''      

                            'I am going this way'

'Position and orientation- describe their position relative to a person or object.' NZC Level One Mathematics and Statistics.


It was very exciting to see who would come out of the tunnel next. 'Who's coming, Arlo?'

Some children wanted to extend the tunnel. They got to work. There was lots of maths language being used about length and measurement.  

 Next it needed a door.
Collaboration started and a prototype was made. 

The door was hinged with tape and side flaps were attached. 

These side pieces had two functions: one, to wrap around the tunnel when the door was shut and two, to hold the door in the open upright position. 
'Brief development - describe the outcome they are developing and identify the attributes it should have, taking account of the need or opportunity and the resources available.' NZC

What a great design!

The next day there was more hut building. Victoria wanted to make a castle. She drew her idea.

Victoria's design
'Planning for practice- Outline a general plan to support the development of an outcome, identifying appropriate steps and resources.' NZC

'It needs windows' (like the picture)            'It needs a door'           

 'How big should the door be?'

 'If it is a castle it needs a drawbridge'    'We need string'

Is the drawbridge fit for purpose?

The hut building continues regularly in play with many opportunities for maths and technology as well as practicing the key competencies of thinking, relating to others, managing self and participating and contributing. 
We cannot forget the imaginary play involved. Here comes the queen and the princesses who live in the castle!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Bubble School Feb/March

 Bubble School
February-March 2021

Kia ora te whānau

It is has been so great seeing all of you having fun in Bubble School. We had a lot of fun saying "hi!" on Zoom!

We love that you can share your learning with us-see what your Koru friends have been up to...

                                                          World Map Human Body, James

                        Robot, Sara

                                                                     Music making, Liam

Who is in your Bubble? Calling the Roll





 Koru Bug Hunters

                                     Ants, Amaya                                                 Lucy

What has Zoey discovered?

                                                                  Worms in the garden, Liam






Sunday, February 28, 2021


Ngā mihi nui

Nau Mai haere mai ki Whānau Kou

Term 1, 2021

Tena koutou, Malo e leilei, Kia orana, Fakalofa lahi atu, Bula vinaka, Ciao
Namaste, Al Salaam a'alaykum, Nihao, Merhaba, Konnichiwa, Hola, Annyong hasayo, Sawadee krap

A huge welcome to all our new and returning whānau.

It has been wonderful seeing all our excited tamariki settling into school with such enthusiasm and with big smiles on their faces. They are so eager for learning, full of wonder and curiosity and have so many stories and experiences they want to share with us.

We are excited to be in our new learning space and we know the tamariki are enjoying it.  We are also fortunate to be able to watch the completion of our new Primary block right in front of us in real time. There certainly is plenty going on in the Koru world.


More from Koru soon...

Hut building: Technology and maths in Play

     The hut   The children arrived in the morning to discover this hut provocation. There was enthusiastic exploration!  'Where is the ...