Thursday, March 26, 2020

Home Learning News

Thanks for sharing your home learning!

Keep on being creative, exploring, wondering, trying new things, playing games and telling such great stories.
Keep the photos and emails coming. 
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Thank you!  We miss you !

Frankie, Room 20
Frankie has had a fun couple of days playing. She scootered with me around the block to get a workout. Yesterday she baked hokey pokey biscuits and did her dance lesson through zoom. 

Today she's having a pyjama day and making a unicorn mask out of a countdown bag.

Cruz, Room 23

Cruz has been busy at home and enjoying time with his family. Here are some pictures of him doing some cutting and sticking.

Luke, Room 23
Here is a photo of Luke doing some maths. He has also been playing Monopoly with his Mum.

Ollie, Room 22
This is Ollie’s Lego creation.  There is a Zombie with big long legs lying on the ground next to his Jeep. "It is about to die because when the head is grey and the legs go yellow and blue that is what that means".  There are canisters on the side of the jeep which contain different sauces for the fish.  At the back there is a platform which folds down and is a fish filleting board and a BBQ.  This is where the fish are cooked.  He has a big knife there to fillet the fish. The ramp is to launch the jeep off for jumps and also doubles as a tent for the people.  The circular thingy is a pump for washing the car with water from the ocean. The people are having a wee lie down.  One of the apache helicopters has fallen down. The green colour means it is a baddies one.  The one on the top of the hill is keeping watch out for anymore baddies. 

Ollie is showing me the number 6. This is the number we all have to get……..

Looking looking looking…..


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  2. It makes me feel so happy to see Frankie, Cruz, Luke and Ollie being so creative with learning at home. Suzanne

  3. Hi everyone, Thanks for the great photos! Looks like you're having lots of fun at home.
    Frankie, those cookies look delicious. I'm going to make a unicorn mask too, I think I'll try and do it like yours.
    Cruz, What are you making? It looks really cool.
    Luke, I love Monopoly too! I really like all the number stories you have made on your board. You worked really hard on that.
    Ollie, your maths game is awesome. I bet other families would like to play that too. Thanks for sharing! Wow, what a great LEGO story. Its pretty exciting and nice that they're all set for fishing too!
    Thank you so much for sharing this great learning with us, Adrienne

  4. Thank you Frankie, Cruz, Luke and Ollie for sharing your home learning, love your imagination and designing. I enjoyed reading your stories. Ka Pai tamariki!!

  5. Hello Ollie, have you had a great time at your house? From Georgina


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