Monday, April 8, 2019

We are almost at the end of Term One where we have met new friends, settled into new classrooms and begun our long and exciting learning journey at Balmoral.  Our classrooms are alive with wonder, curiosity and exploration as our tamariki dive deeply into aspects of their class Inquiry.

Room 20 are exploring weight and sinking and floating.
The tamariki have been experimenting with all sorts of things in our water tables to see how we can make bigger or heavier things float and lighter things sink.
This exploration lends itself to sensory play, art projects, science experiments, reading, writing, and more. We are documenting our findings in our inquiry books and many children are spontaneously choosing to write down what they observe.



One of Room 22’s favourite things
is to spend time with their Buddy Class.  
It is through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places and things
that our tamariki have opportunities to try out their ideas and refine their working theories.
And have lots of fun.

Room 21
has been investigating ice and making predictions about what happens
when we melt large and small pieces of ice.
Which one will melt first? What happens if we put ice outside in the sun?
We have been using our senses to explore ice as well and have lots
of wonderings about icebergs.


Room 24:

Our fish have arrived!
“We didn’t get a goldfish because it was too big for our tank
so we started with four little guppies, a sea snail and a loach.
We love them. We named the loach Squirtle” by Ethan.


“We are making treasure maps with our big buddies. We are studying maps.
Maps lead you to the treasure and they make clues for the maps.
We like doing art with our buddy class” by Becca.

Thank you to all our parents who have helped in so many ways during this term. We couldn’t do it without you. Have a wonderful break, from everyone in Whānau Koru.

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