Saturday, March 14, 2020

Inquiry Snapshot

A snapshot of Inquiry in Koru

Week 6

There will be more to come , but here is a little bit of news from class emails about learning in Koru classes.

Room 22
Inquiry learning is developing with enthusiasm and engagement.
As you know we started with bees, spiders and webs.
This has now broadened into “What makes its home at Balmoral School?”
I feel really excited about this as it includes more children’s interests as some like looking at all the creatures around the school, not just spiders. I am endeavouring to guide the children into seeing how everything is interdependent, that all living things have a job and reason. Along with this we are learning to be 
guardians of our natural world as we embrace kaitiakitanga.

Room 23 is inquiring about volcanoes. 

We are trying to find out if we can make a lava suit to swim in a volcano or if we could live in a volcano. Our class Inquiry led us to the Maori myth - Battle of the Mountains. Engagement with the story is reflected in children's play, pictures and stories. As a part of our class inquiry we experimented with colours. We wanted to know what would happen if red and yellow lava would mix?

The seven bottles are seven mountains from the story Battle of the Mountains.

Tamariki dressed up for the song I Lava You by James Ford Murphy.

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