Monday, May 4, 2020

Learning during lockdown in 'Bubble School'

The learners in Koru made the most of all their learning opportunities during week 3 of Term 2. They practised phonics, designed and built huts, and constructed amazing creations from Lego, amongst other things.  Many of them helped with cooking and also EATING!

Emma and Oscar made poppy flowers for ANZAC day
Emma and Oscar making potions

Chester working on a big map of the world

Sea creature chart by Chester
Bailey and Hunter making a special wreath

Jacobs Lego challenge rocket

Jacob making Lego letters
Jacob and Jamila making ANZAC biscuits
Cat's eyes maths chart 
ANZAC day story

All those 'k' words!
Cat's eyes number work

Yummy cookies!!

Bunny the Rabbit

Jacob's kiwi story

Cece and Max made a wreath
Potion making with leaves and lemons
A tent for afternoon play
Learning to ride bike with daddy
Bike riding

Hudson's caterpillar pizza

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